Autopower Race Roll Bar, 1994-04 Hardtop 70261

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Bolt-in 4-point mounting with welded-in diagonal brace and driver side only harness mount. Easy access to the rear seat. 1-3/4" x .120 DOM

You may add the options below to any RACE roll bar. The bolt-in harness brace includes the bolt in diagonal brace.
ATPDB - Bolt-in diagonal brace
ATPHB - Bolt-in harness brace (with bolt-in diagonal brace)
ATPHM - Welded harness brace (full width for both seats)
ATP2-1 - 2" x .120 ERW tubing (SCCA-legal tube for 3500 lb+ cars)

All Autopower brand roll bars are built to order and shipped by truck--allow 4-6 weeks for delivery time.