BBK 94-95 Mustang 3 Piece Aluminum Pulley Kit - Mustang GT 1554

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Pulley Set, Serpentine, Aluminum, Polished, Ford, Small Block, Set of 3

  • Pulley Style: Serpentine
  • Pulley Set Style: Performance ratio
  • Pulley Material: Aluminum
  • Pulley Finish: Polished
  • Crankshaft Pulley Included: Yes
  • Crankshaft Pulley Grooves: 6-groove, serpentine
  • Crankshaft Nose Cover Included: No
  • Water Pump Pulley Included: Yes
  • Water Pump Pulley Grooves: Non-ribbed
  • Water Pump Nose Cone Included: No
  • Power Steering Pulley Included: No
  • Power Steering Brackets Included: No
  • Alternator Pulley Included: Yes
  • Alternator Pulley Grooves: 6-groove, serpentine
  • Alternator Fan Included: No
  • Alternator Nose Cover Included: No
  • Alternator Brackets Included: No
  • Air Conditioning Pulley Included: No
  • Air Conditioning Cover Included: No
  • Air Conditioning Bracket Included: No
  • Idler/Tensioner Included: No
  • Idler Cover Included: No
  • Idler Brackets Included: No
  • Hardware Included: No