Corbeau 40" Baja Bench Suspension Seat Saver - Bench (This Seat is Priced Per Seat)

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The 40" Baja Bench suspension seat was designed for the Jeep TJ and Ford Bronco enthusiasts who want the safety of suspension and the comfort of Corbeau. We integrated our state-of-the-art suspension system with the comfort and design that Corbeau is so well known for, and from that came the 40" Baja Bench. With our custom TJ rear seat bracket, (part number B40001), and early Bronco Bracket (part number C22240), the 40" Jeep suspension seat is a direct bolt in to all 97-06 Jeep TJs and 66-77 Ford Broncos. The Bronco bracket (part number C22240) will also act as a universal bracket and will allow the 40" Baja Bench seat to fit in any other application, as long as the floor is flat and there is sufficient space. The Corbeau bench seats look awesome with a set of Corbeau matching front seats. All Corbeau bench suspension seats are available with an adjustable headrest. This headrest adjusts both up and down and forward and back for ultimate comfort. The 40" Baja Bench seat is available in all vinyl or vinyl/cloth materials.

64010: Black Vinyl
64002B: Black Vinyl/Cloth
64017: Black Vinyl/Red Cloth
64019: Black Vinyl/Grey Cloth
HR01: Black Vinyl Headrest
HR09: Grey Vinyl Headrest