Corbeau TRS Racing Seat Shaved Base - Driver (This Seat is Priced Per Seat)

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The TRS racing seat is one of our most aggressive reclining seats. Its high thigh bolsters along with tight kidney and shoulder bolsters allow for an extremely supportive drive with hardly any body shifting. What makes this seat unique is its aggressive shoulder bolsters. When you put your hands up on the steering wheel that naturally pulls your shoulders forward. The aggressive shoulder bolsters are designed to still support your shoulders while your hands are on the wheel. If you don't typically drive with both hands on the wheel, the shoulder bolsters can be overly aggressive, especially if you have broad shoulders. The TRS racing seat is available in Cloth, Microsuede, and 100% black Leather materials. As a rule of thumb, the TRS will fit up to a 38-inch waist, while the TRS Wide will fit up to a 42-inch waist.

20801: Black Cloth