Driveshaft Shop FORD 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra 900HP Level 5 Bar/Outer and Hub Upgrade FD35

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This is the 900HP Axle/Hub Kit for the 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra. The outer CV is our 40% larger Pro-Level 33 spline outer , along with 300M center bars and the kit includes hubs to accommodate for the larger spline. These axles will require the use of your stock inner CV from the factory Cobra axle and includes the boot clamps and grease to install them with. Designed to handle up to 900HP at the wheels. Rated to 900HP with a 1-year warranty.
Here is what one of our customers had to say about them:


I purchased my 2004 Mustang Cobra (with the mystichrome package) in August 2004. Before it was a week old, I started modifying it. The Cobras repond very well to modifications and other tricks. 

On its' first trip to the drags, I learned how bad the IRS suspension was when launching with excessive wheelhop. I also heard from others at the track how weak the factory half-shafts axles were. They said they were prone to breaking when launching. 

In 2005 after doing some research and listening to other Cobra owners, I purchased a set of The Drive Shaft Shop Level 2 half shafts. They were rugged and delivered the goods. Twenty thousand miles later with numerous trips to the drags and six sessions on the course at Buttonwillow, CA, I decided to upgrade the half shafts again. The car was putting 608 horses at the rear wheels on the dyno without the aid of nitrous. In 2007, I stepped up and installed your Level 5 half shafts. 

Now, five years later and 38,000 miles on the car, I am upgrading to the Pro-Series half shafts. I am looking forward to five more years of trouble free service from your great axles. Keep up the good work. 

My Cobra with IRS suspension and its factory Eaton blower (ported) delivers the best of both worlds. It handles and goes like a bat out of hell in a straight line. It has gone into the tens while remaining a great car on the street.