Eibach Swaybar Kit, 1979-1993 Mustang 3510.320

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Eibach Swaybar kit for 1979-1993 Mustang.

Does NOT fit 1984-1986 SVO Mustang.

Installing good swaybars is one of the best, most affordable things you can do to make your Mustang handle! Swaybars do all of this:

  • Reduce body roll during cornering
  • Speed up turn-in response
  • Improve the handling balance

Complete swaybar kit includes

  • Front swaybar
  • Rear swaybar
  • Urethane pivot bushings
  • Endlinks
  • Grease

Swaybar specs

  • Front: 36mm Solid, Not adjustable
  • Rear: 25mm Solid, Not adjustable

What's in a name?
Here at MM we call these products "swaybars," but some people call them "anti-roll bars" or "anti-sway bars." These are all just different names for the same hardware. We prefer "swaybar" to avoid confusion with the safety device called a "roll bar," while "anti-sway bar" is just needlessly lengthy.

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  • Eibach swaybars are manufactured from precision-made, high-tensile steel alloy that is cold-formed, tempered, and shot-peened for long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Finished with a long-lasting red powdercoat.
  • Eibach swaybars come complete with urethane bushings for improved responsiveness, and mounting hardware (when appropriate for the application).
  • Includes instructions for easy installation.

Eibach uses world-renowned German CNC machines, along with their own proprietary machines, to work the special cold-formed, high-strength, aircraft-grade steel that contributes to their products' precision performance. But it's not just about machines and technology. Eibach workers at production plants in the USA and Germany are talented, expert craftspeople, each committed to creating the finest race- and street-performance parts possible. MM engineers and test drivers believe in their quality, so you can, too!