Ford Performance Cobra R Front Brake Upgrade Kit (1994-2004) 161 M-2300-XR

Ford Performance
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If your rotors are warped or worn on your '00 Cobra R or M-2300-X equipped SN95 Mustang, get your direct replacement today! These Ford Performance front brake rotors are the factory standard equipment on the 2000 Cobra R. Measuring 13" in diameter, with a slotted rotor, these brakes improve stopping distance and response. Please note that they are only compatible with the Brembo 4-Piston brake calipers found in the M-2300-X brake kit or the standard 2000 Cobra R.

Product Benefits:

  • Fits 1994-2004 Mustang GT and 1994-2004 Mustang Cobra with Ford Performance Cobra "R" Front Brake Upgrade Kit M-2300-X
  • Fits 2000 Mustang Cobra
  • Original equipment  Cobra R Brembo brake rotor
  • Kit includes both right and left brake rotors