Fore Innovations 2011-2016 Mustang GT Fuel Rails Include 6mL tube of Loctite 567 18-900-567

Fore Innovations
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The finest 2011-2016 Coyote Mustang fuel rails ever produced. We start with a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and fully machine every feature on our five axis CNC. Our rails incorporate machined-in mounting tabs completely eliminate tab deflection common on fuel rails with sheet metal mounting tabs. Designed to use factory length fuel injectors (spacers are available if needed for aftermarket injector fitment) for hassle free injector selection. -8 Female O-ring ports at the rail ends insure leak free operation and two 1/8 NPT ports allow for use of auxiliary functions (fuel pressure gauge, nitrous, etc.). Available with options to connect the OEM fuel line for easy installation.