Hawk Brake Pads, 1984-86 SVO Mustang, front HB-125

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High performance front brake pads for 1984-1986 SVO Mustang [HB125*.650]

Street and race compounds are available.

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HPS - High Performance Street

The easiest brake upgrade you can do. Hawk's HPS brake pad compound will greatly increase the stopping power of your Mustang compared to a stock replacement compound.

Best Use

  • Street driving, autocrossing, daily commuting
  • Light open-tracking: Will last much longer than stock pads, but will overheat and fade sooner than the HP-Plus or race pads.


  • 20-40% more stopping power than standard pads, for greatly reduced stopping distances
  • High coefficient of friction and high brake torque, whether cold or hot
  • Increased resistance to brake fade
  • Excellent cold stopping ability
  • Easy on the rotor, causes virtually no grooving and slow rotor wear
  • Quiet, essentially as noise-free as stock pads
  • Low dusting in regular use
  • Excellent pad life

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Blue 9012

  • Hawk's entry-level road race compound
  • Provides low to medium brake torque
  • Best for pad temperatures of 250°F to 1,000°F
  • Excellent brake release characteristics

Not for street use; this is a track-only pad. In street use this compound will not come up to temperature, causing poor stopping and extremely rapid rotor wear. We have seen the rotor surface wear down past the gas slots in only 100 miles of street use.