Hawk Brake Pads, 2013-2014 GT500 Mustang, front HB-616

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High performance front brake pads for 2013-2014 Mustang GT500 [HB616*.607]

  • For stock 2013-2014 Brembo 6-piston aluminum caliper
  • For stock 15" GT500 rotor

Street and race compounds are available.

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HPS - High Performance Street

The easiest brake upgrade you can do. Hawk's HPS brake pad compound will greatly increase the stopping power of your Mustang compared to a stock replacement compound.

Best Use

  • Street driving, autocrossing, daily commuting
  • Light open-tracking: Will last much longer than stock pads, but will overheat and fade sooner than the HP-Plus or race pads.


  • 20-40% more stopping power than standard pads, for greatly reduced stopping distances
  • High coefficient of friction and high brake torque, whether cold or hot
  • Increased resistance to brake fade
  • Excellent cold stopping ability
  • Easy on the rotor, causes virtually no grooving and slow rotor wear
  • Quiet, essentially as noise-free as stock pads
  • Low dusting in regular use
  • Excellent pad life

Read the important information on other tabs: Bedding, Safety, Warranty.


  • Hawk's HP-Plus brake compound will greatly increase the stopping power of your Mustang, especially when autocrossed competitively, or open-tracked.
  • Although not a race pad, the temperature rating of the HP-Plus compound makes them suitable for open-tracking.
  • Has good stopping ability when cold.
  • Allows driving your track Mustang to the track, on track, and back home, without changing pads.

Best Use

  • Autocrossing or open-tracking a Mustang that is only occasionally street-driven
  • When open-tracking, the HP-Plus compound lasts much longer than the HPS compound, but will overheat and fade sooner than a race compound.

Warning: The aggressive friction material of the HP-Plus compound causes significant noise that most people find unsuitable for frequent street use. Also expect increased dust and greater rotor wear.


  • Much more stopping power than the HPS compound, stopping your Mustang in an even shorter distance.
  • Very high coefficient of friction and very high brake torque when hot.
  • Cold braking bite is slightly less than HPS compound, but the HP-Plus compound is still acceptable for street use.
  • Increased temperature capacity over the HPS pad reduces onset of brake fade.

Read the important information on other tabs: Bedding, Safety, Warranty.


  • Provides very high torque
  • Less initial bite than DTC-70
  • Excellent brake release characteristics
  • Excellent torque control
  • For Mustangs with high deceleration rates
  • Suitable for Mustangs with or without down force
  • When a small reduction in rear initial bite is needed, use DTC-60 rear pads with DTC-70 front pads.

Not for street use; this is a track-only pad.