Koni Single-Adjustable Shock, modified, 1999-04 Cobra IRS 8041-1270S-MOD

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Koni Single-Adjustable Sport Series shock, (sold individually), 1999-04Cobra Mustang with IRS, modified for use with coil-over conversion.

  • Included in this shock's price is a charge for removing the metal dust cover from the rear shocks, as is required for a coil-over conversion. You can get a $20 discount if:
    • You purchase a rear coil over kit along with this package.
    • In the past you purchased a rear coil-over kit directly from us.
    • You purchase a rear coil over kit directly from us at a later time.
  • If any of these situations apply, please note it in the "special instructions" field at checkout. We will confirm the situation and waive the modification charge when we process your order.
  • Suitable for both stock location springs and coil-over conversions. See chart below for spring recommendations.
  • For a coil-over conversion this shock must be modified, by removing the metal dust cover. Order 8041-1270S-MOD (this is a pre-modified shock) if a future rear coil-over conversion is a possibility.

For more details and technical information, scroll down. 

Koni Double Adjustable Sport Spring Recommendations
Stock Location Springs Stock Springs
MM Road & Track
Eibach Pro-Kit
H&R Sport
H&R Super Sport
H&R Race
Coil-Over Spring Rates
IRS Rear Springs 475-525 lb/in
  • For aggressive street driving
  • External adjustment for rebound damping
  • Twin-tube shock design
  • Gas pressure reduces oil foaming
  • Includes external bump stop
  • Does not include dustcover
  • Ready to accept the MM rear coil-over conversion kit
  • Limited lifetime warranty

International Orders
We sell and ship Koni products only to customers within the United States and Canada, as per our Koni distributorship contract. If you are not in the US or Canada, please order from a Koni distributor located within your country.

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