Maximum Motorsports 14mm hardware kit for IRS subframe & RLCA mounting, 1999-04 MMF-4

Maximum Motorsports
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14mm hardware kit to mount IRS subframe, or solid-axle Rear Lower Control Arms, to 1999-04 Mustang chassis.
  • OEM hardware
  • OEM anti-corrosion coating
  • OEM designed flange-headed bolts and nuts
  • Proper OEM size: Metric, not a "pretty-close" English-size. Use metric tools for installation.
  • 1 kit required for one IRS-equipped 1999-04 Mustang, for the forward subframe-to-chassis attachment.
  • Use MMF-1 hardware kit for the rearward IRS-to-chassis attachment.
  • 2 kits required for one solid axle equipped 1999-04 Mustang, to secure each end of both rear lower control arms.
  • Not for 1979-98 chassis. Use MMF-5 for those 12mm applications.
  • 2 flange-headed bolts, 14mm
  • 2 flange-headed nuts, 14mm