Maximum Motorsports 1990-93 Mustang hardtop Road & Track Box RTB-2

Maximum Motorsports
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1990-93 Mustang Road & Track Box includes

  • MM Road & Track Springs (430H0)
  • MM Caster/Camber Plates (MMCC9093) (select Black or Chrome finish option)
  • Bilstein struts (V36-4138-H5)
  • Bilstein shocks (B46-2148-H1)
  • Front and rear Urethane Spring Isolators
  • Urethane Pinion Snubber (MMPS)Â (solid axle Mustangs)
  • MM XL Series Full-length Subframe Connectors (MMFL-5B)
  • MM Strut Tower Brace (MMSTB-1)
  • MM 4-Point K-Member Brace (MMKB4-1)
  • MM Panhard Bar with Aluminum Rod (MMPBA)
  • MM Heavy-duty Rear Lower Control Arms (MMRLCA-1)
  • MM Solid Steering Shaft (MMST-11)
  • MM Solid Steering rack Bushings (MMST-7)
  • Front Swaybar bushings
  • Front Swaybar end links
  • Front control arm bushings, urethane (6-205-BL)


  • Excellent performance improvement in one complete package.
  • Best choice when you want to keep the stock-style suspension design.
  • Competitors in NASA's Camaro-Mustang Challenge road racing series use a Road & Track Box customized with stiffer springs and dampers.
  • Stiff, high quality springs lower your Mustang and improve handling.
  • Caster/camber plates allow aggressive performance alignment settings, or setting the alignment within OEM specification.
  • Matching struts and shocks enhance performance and provide good ride quality.
  • Cornering grip and stability are greatly improved by the Panhard bar.
  • Wheel hop is reduced by the rear lower control arms.
  • Steering response & feedback is improved by the solid steering shaft and solid steering rack bushings.
  • Aged rubber spring isolators are easily replaced during spring installation.
  • Shorter pinion snubber increases suspension travel.
  • Chassis rigidity is greatly increased, improving both handling and ride quality, by the full-length subframe connectors, strut tower brace, and k-member brace.
  • Compliance reduced by urethane bushings, improving steering response.