Maximum Motorsports 4-Point K-Member Brace, 1994-95 Mustang Hardtop MMKB4-3

Maximum Motorsports
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4-Point brace strengthens stock k-member. Fits 1994-95 hardtop Mustang with manual transmission. Powdercoated black 


  • Stiffens the k-member against the side loads caused by hard cornering.
  • Stiffer k-member improves handling by maintaining front alignment settings when loaded in a corner.
  • Provides more stiffening than stock 2-point brace.


  • Interferes with the cooler lines of an automatic transmission. The cooler hard lines must be rerouted slightly to install this brace.
  • Interferes with the stock X-brace on 1994-95 convertible Mustangs.
  • Does not clear long-tube headers
  • Clears stock catalytic converters

Product Features

  • Black powder coated for appearance and corrosion protection
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Mounts to existing holes on stock k-member
  • Structural steel web between the tubes splits the suspension load, sending part of the load into the unibody at the rearward k-member to chassis mounting points, and part straight across the k-member to the opposite side.
  • Each mounting bolt attaches through a structural tube, unlike the flimsy flat tab of the stock and most other aftermarket braces.