Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop, 1996-2004 Mustang MMCL-21B

Maximum Motorsports
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Adjustable pedal stop limits travel of the clutch pedal to prevent over-stroking the pressure plate. Properly adjusting the pedal stop is the most critical aspect of installing a Tilton racing clutch.

Improper adjustment will cause over-stroking, which in turn will cause significant damage to the clutch assembly because the throw-out bearing will push the diaphragm spring into the disc, damaging the diaphragm spring, the throw-out bearing, and bending the discs. The clutch will then not release, requiring replacement of all the damaged parts.

This MM-designed pedal stop mounts to the floor. It is then adjusted to allow just enough pedal travel to disengage the clutch, but no more. Proper adjustment will prevent over-stroking the clutch assembly and damaging it.

The appropriate adjustable clutch pedal stop is included in the MM-Tilton clutch kits.


  • Mounting bracket designed specifically to fit the 1996-2004 Mustang clutch pedal; not a universal part
  • Mount bracket is powder-coated black
  • Adjuster bolt has knurled head for easier use
  • Includes mounting hardware