Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Rear Swaybar, solid-axle Mustang, 1979-2004 MMRSB-1

Maximum Motorsports
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Adjustable rear swaybar provides the means to fine-tune your Mustang's handling balance, allowing you to extract all the handling performance possible by tuning your Mustang to best suit your driving style.

Wide choice of bar sizes, plus the ability to fine tune each bar's installed rate, covers virtually any situation. The available MM Adjustable Swaybars offer rates ranging from softer than a stock Fox Mustang V8 swaybar to 6 times stiffer than the stiffest solid-axle swaybar Ford ever offered on a 1979-2004 Mustang.

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Installation notes

  • All sizes available as either bolt-in or weld-in installation. This refers to how the chassis mounting brackets attach to the rear frame rails.
  • Bolt-in kits require that holes be drilled into the rear subframe of the car, near the rear springs. On 1996-2004 Mustangs the access to drill the holes is restricted by a change in the rear unibody structure; a right-angle drill motor and short drill bits makes the hole drilling much easier.
  • Weld-in kit takes less time to install because there is no need to drill multiple holes, but requires a MIG or TIG machine and a skilled welder.
  • Weld-in kits have slightly different brackets that are lighter and have a cleaner installed appearance. The rest of the two kits are identical.
  • The axle mounting brackets of both versions bolt to the rear axle housing; no welding is done on the rear axle housing.

The complete MM Adjustable Rear Swaybar Kit includes everything needed for installation.

  • Black Zinc plated torsion bar with splines for swaybar arms
  • Anodized aluminum swaybar arms with splines to match torsion bar
  • Zinc-plated brackets to attach torsion bar to 7.5" or 8.8" rear axle housing
  • Zinc-plated brackets (either bolt-in or weld-in design) to attach end links to frame rails
  • Endlink sets made of spherical rod ends allow adjustment to eliminate swaybar preload
  • Urethane bushings for torsion bar
  • All hardware required for installation