Maximum Motorsports Brake Proportioning Valve Plug, 1979-2004

Maximum Motorsports
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Plug used to disable the stock brake proportioning valve when an adjustable valve is installed 

What is this product used for?
The stock brake proportioning valve must be removed or disabled whenever an adjustable proportioning valve is installed. There are two ways to do so:

  1. Remove the stock valve with MM's Brake Proportioning Valve Eliminator Kit (MMBAK-6)
  2. Disable the stock valve by removing the internals and replacing the stock valve's cap with this plug.

This product fits

  • Direct bolt-in fitment to 1979-2004 Mustang

This kit includes:

  • Solid plug
  • Sealing O-ring
  • Illustrated installation instructions


  • This plug allows safe disabling of the stock proportioning valve.
  • Alternative for situations where MM's Brake Proportioning Valve Eliminator Kit (MMBAK-6) does not fit.
  • Currently available: The original M-2450-A Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) plug is no longer made.

Product Features

  • Precision-machined solid plug threads into stock proportioning valve.
  • Includes a new sealing O-ring, unlike the original FRPP plug that reused the original O-ring.
  • Includes illustrated installation instructions, unlike the original FRPP kit.

Read the installation instructions for the MM-2450-A brake proportioning valve plug.
View the adjustable brake proportioning valve (BPV-1).