Maximum Motorsports Cobra IRS Differential Cooler Kit OC-10

Maximum Motorsports
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Differential Oil Cooling System, fits 1999-2004 Cobra with IRS

Keep the differential temperature down and avoid burning-up the stock Ford Traction-Lok differential in your 1999-2004 Cobra with MM's IRS Differential Cooler. The IRS center section is subjected to much more heat than a solid axle differential. The additional heat comes from the exhaust being routed directly underneath the IRS differential, the reduced fluid capacity of the IRS center section, and the absence of large steel axle tubes to act as heat sinks. The Cobra IRS has gained a reputation for burning up the Traction-Lok differential during spirited driving and open-track events. With MM's new Differential Cooler kit, costly limited slip failures caused by excessive heat can be avoided.

Note: Fits aftermarket differential cover braces, with a minor modification to the brace.