Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Package, MM Dampers, 1990-1993 Mustang, Race-RA3, Black PC COP-61-RA3-B

Maximum Motorsports
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Complete coil-over conversion package for 1979-1989 Mustang. Includes everything needed for converting your Mustang from conventional springs to a coil-over suspension.

Maximum Motorsports Coil-over Package features:

  • Choice of spring rates to best suit your goals.
  • Choice of damper series and valving to match your desired coil-over spring rates.
  • MM strut mounting ears designed for the high loads from good brakes and sticky tires.
  • MM shock has oversized shaft to improve damper function.
  • MM strut is inverted monotube design.
  • MM Caster Camber plates provide adjustment range wide enough to cover both street and track driving.

This coil-over package includes:

You may also need:

  • Second shock-to-axle mounting bracket. See the "Options" tab.
  • Racing upper shock mounts. See the "Options" tab.
  • Spanner wrench. See the "Options" tab.

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