Maximum Motorsports Competition Coil-over Kit, Black Series Shocks and MM Racing Upper Shock Mount (fits ONE shock) MMCO-23

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Competition Coil-over Kit
Fits Black MMD-RC1xxxx Series shocks

Installs 1 Black Series MM Shock in a 1979-2004 solid-axle equipped Mustang along with a coil-over conversion and an MM Racing Upper Shock Mount. Attaches the MM shock to the MM Racing Upper Shock Mount installed on the chassis. Includes threaded coil-over sleeve and upper and lower spring perches for 1 shock. For coil-over applications and an MM Racing Upper Shock Mount only.


  • 1 kit fits 1 shock. 2 kits required per car.
  • Fits Black 3rd Gen MM shocks only. These shocks are black and have a shaft with a 5/8" major diameter.
  • Black Series part numbers have this format: MMD-RC1xxxx
  • The Black Series is the third generation of MM shocks. Includes Street-ST1, Sport-SP1, Race-RA2, and Race-RA3.
  • Requires MM Racing Upper Shock Mount.
  • For new installation use MMSM-12 Racing Upper Shock Mount.
  • Also fits previously installed Racing Upper Shock Mounts MMSM-1, MMSM-3, and MMSM-5. Some of the previously installed components of those kits will not be reused.
  • Does NOT include coil-over spring.
  • For coil-over applications only.

Requires shock-to-axle mounting brackets
Coil-over installation requires a robust lower shock-to-axle mounting bracket.

Spanner Wrench Tool
A spanner wrench is necessary to adjust ride height when using springs with a rate less than 250 lb/in. Springs with a higher rate rarely need a spanner wrench for adjustment.

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Installs 1 Black Series 3rd Gen MM shock to an MM Racing Upper Shock Mount in a coil-over conversion:

  • Threaded sleeve
  • Upper spring perch
  • Lower spring perch with locking screw
  • Shaft retaining nut
  • Shock shaft spacers
  • Circlip to support threaded sleeve
  • Order 2-1/4" coil-over springs separately.
  • Fits 1 shock. 2 MMCO-23 kits required per car.