Maximum Motorsports Conversion kit for Eibach Multi-Pro R1/R2 with MM C/C Plates, 2005-2010 Mm5CO-8

Maximum Motorsports
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Installing Eibach Multi-Pro struts on your 2005-2010 Mustang that already has Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates (Mm5CC-1) requires this conversion kit. The upper spring perch supplied in the Eibach Multi-Pro kit will NOT properly fit to the bottom of the MM Caster Camber Plates (Mm5CC-1). This conversion kit provides a new spring perch and related items to allow installation of a Multi-Pro strut to the MM cater Camber Plates. The only other alternative is to install the complete Mm5CC-5 Caster Camber Plate kit. 

Better by design

  • MM's Engineering Team firmly believes that a low-friction thrust bearing should be installed between the upper spring perch and the bottom of the caster camber plate's spherical bearing.
  • The Eibach multi-Pro R1 and Multi-Pro R2 kits include an upper strut mount with a spherical bearing. But, they do not include any means to adjust camber or caster, and they do not include a low friction thrust bearing. The Mm5CO-8 kit provides the solution.

Why do I need this MM kit?

  • If you already have the Mm5CC-1 camber plates on your 2005-2010 Mustang, this kit allows you to install an Eibach multi-Pro kit without purchasing the an entire new camber plate kit (Mm5CC-5). This Mm5CO-8 kit is a less expensive alternative.
  • Having a low-friction thrust bearing provides several benefits.


  • Aluminum upper spring perch
  • Steel upper thrust cone