Maximum Motorsports Conversion kit from tapered stud to bolt-through spindle MMTR-5

Maximum Motorsports
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Converts tapered-stud style bumpsteer kit to bolt-through spindle style


  • 1979-04 Mustang with MMTR-2, MMTR-4, and MMTR-7 bumpsteer kits
  • Other brands of tapered-stud style bumpsteer kits for 1979-04 Mustangs
  • All Mustang spindles, 1979-04
  • Bolt-through spindle style bumpsteer kit is required when installing MM K-member.
  • No need to purchase an entire new bumpsteer kit: Allows converting a tapered-stud style kit to bolt-through style.
  • Increases the limited adjustment range of a tapered-stud kit to the wide range of adjustment of the bolt-through bumpsteer kit.
  • Exclusive MM spacers are stronger than others, will not buckle when the bolt is tightened.
  • Large assortment of spacers allows precise fine-tuning of bumpsteer.
  • Measurement and adjustment of bumpsteer is required during installation. Purchase MM's Bumpsteer Gauge at the same time, and get the gauge at a discount.
  • Copyrighted installation instructions show you how to measure and adjust bumpsteer.
Product features
  • Includes 2 different lengths of 5/8" Grade 8 bolts to ensure the best length for your Mustang.
  • Spacer bushings were designed specifically for this kit.
  • Longer spacer bushings are made of thick-wall Chro-Moly steel to ensure they will not buckle when the 5/8" bolt is properly tightened.
  • A large variety of spacer thicknesses ensure the ability to properly adjust bumpsteer.
  • Does not include the aluminum adapter sleeves or spherical rod ends.
  • Requires drilling the spindle steering arm to 5/8".