Maximum Motorsports Crush sleeve, solid axle shock, fits MMPBAM Service-12

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Lost the crush sleeve from the lower shock eyelet bushing of your shock? This replacement crush sleeve fits the lower shock eyelet bushing of several shocks for solid axle equipped 1979-2004 Mustangs.

This item is 1 crush sleeve, for 1 shock.


  • First generation of MM Sport, MM Race, MM2 Race, and MM3 Race shocks for solid-axle Mustangs fitted with MM urethane eyelet bushings. The first generation MM shocks have a shaft with a major diameter of 11mm; second generation MM shocks have a shaft with a major diameter of 5/8".
  • B46-2148 - Bilstein shock for 1986-1993 Mustangs with 8.8" axle.
  • BE5-6418 - manufactured before 2010. Bilstein shock for 1994-2004 solid-axle equipped Mustang, having either Bilstein rubber bushings or MM urethane bushings.
  • BE5-6418 - manufactured from 2010 to current date, only if modified for MM coil-over conversion with machined groove and MM urethane bushings.
  • Koni SA and DA shocks for Fox/SN95 fitted with MM urethane bushings from MMCO-5 coil-over kit or MMSM-4 replacement bushing kit.

Does NOT fit

  • Second generation MMD-RC0 series MM shocks (identified by a 5/8" shaft diameter)
  • Any Cobra IRS shock
  • Koni shocks with original rubber bushings
  • Any brand of shock other than what is listed above

Includes 1 crush sleeve, to fit 1 shock

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