Maximum Motorsports E-Z-Remove Door Bar Upgrade Kit, 2005-2014 Mustang Hardtop Mm5RBO-2

Maximum Motorsports
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Kit to install easily-removable door bars in place of the standard door bars originally fitted to MM 6-point roll bars. MM's E-Z-Remove door bars can be detached and removed in moments.

These previously installed MM 6-point roll bars:


  • The standard door bars of the MM 6-point roll bars can be difficult and time-consuming to remove and reinstall. When removed, bolt holes in the floor are exposed.
  • After upgrading to the E-Z-Remove door bars, both door bars can be easily removed in just a couple of minutes, and there are no holes left exposed in the floor.
  • Leave the E-Z-Remove door bars out for daily driving.
  • When heading to the strip, reinstall them in moments.
  • Meets the NHRA and NMRA rules for removable door bars.

This kit includes:

  • (2) E-Z-Remove door bars
  • (2) floor mounts unique to the E-Z-Remove door bars
  • All hardware required