Maximum Motorsports Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms, 2005-2014 Mustang Mm5RLCA-53

Maximum Motorsports
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Designed for high power applications and extreme use. Steel tube with high strength spherical rod ends. Includes new mounting bolts. 

  • Rated at 1,172 ft-lb of engine torque with the stock 3.55 gear ratio. See the chart below.
  • Excellent for drag racing, yet also suitable for road racing and street applications.
  • Improves traction by eliminating the deflection of the OEM rubber bushings and stamped steel control arm.
  • Offset mounting design improves rear suspension geometry, reducing understeer.
  • Includes new OEM Ford mounting bolts.
  • Steel pivot bolt spacers are designed to provide proper support for the mounting bolts in high power applications.
  • High strength spherical rod ends ensure precise axle location.
  • Length preset to stock dimension for easy installation.
  • Length adjustability allows squaring the axle to the chassis.
  • Powdercoated black steel.
  • Unlike more commonly used bushing materials such as hard urethane, Delrin, or steel, spherical bearings allow proper articulation of the rear suspension.
  • While acceptable to most performance enthusiasts for street use, expect an increase in transmitted noise.
Differential Gear Ratio Maximum Engine Torque (ft-lb)
2.73 1,524
3.08 1,321
3.27 1,272
3.55 1,172
3.73 1,116
4.10 1,015
4.30 968
4.56 913