Maximum Motorsports Fluid bolt kit for SN95 Mustang brake calipers MMBK-banjo-1

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Fine-thread 10mm diameter fluid bolts fit some SN95 brake calipers 

This Kit includes:

  • 2 fluid bolts, fine thread
  • 4 copper sealing washers


  • Ford used both coarse-thread and fine-thread fluid bolts (sometimes called banjo bolts) to attach the front hoses to the calipers during the 1994-04 production years. Check your calipers before ordering.
  • Only fits the banjo fittings used on aftermarket braided stainless steel brake hoses. Stock rubber brake hoses require a longer fluid bolt to match the much thicker stock banjo fitting.

Product Features

  • 10mm diameter
  • Fine thread pitch: 1.0
  • 20mm length