Maximum Motorsports Front Control Arm Bolts, Low Profile, 1979-2004 (pair) MMF-2

Maximum Motorsports
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These low-profile bolts attach the front control arms to the K-member of 1979-2004 Mustangs. Direct replacement for the two forward front control arm pivot bolts.

Maximum Motorsports designed the rounded contour and low-profile head of these bolts to improve clearance to the rubber steering rack boot. This also allows mounting the steering rack further rearward, closer to the K-member, which enhances the Ackerman steering geometry effect. Increased Ackerman effect quickens steering response at turn-in and reduces understeer.

Torx tool (T-55) to hold the bolt while tightening the nut.

  • Each kit includes two low-profile round-headed bolts and two locking flange nuts
  • 1 kit attaches the forward bushing of both front control arms
  • For forward attachment only; does not fit the rearward bushing
  • MMF-6 fits the rearward bushing
  • (1) MMF-6 and (1) MMF-2 kit will attach both front control arms