Maximum Motorsports Front Swaybar (1.125" x .250" wall), 1979-93 MMFSB-2

Maximum Motorsports
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This lightweight MM Front Swaybar can improve your Mustang's front grip. The greatly increased wheel rates that come with conversion to coil-overs reduce body roll to the point that the stock Fox V8 front swaybar is often too stiff, and the balance of the car shifts to understeer. A reduction in the front swaybar rate will increase front-end grip, improving handling balance. The higher the front coil-over spring rates, the more noticeable the improvement in front grip with the softer MM Front Swaybar.

We developed the MM Front Swaybar on our American Iron race car. It's considerably softer than the stock 5.0L Mustang swaybar, and works great with the MM Adjustable Rear Swaybars and coil-overs.

Note: Does NOT fit 1984-1986 SVO Mustang.

Street/Strip Mustangs
The MM Front Swaybar also works great for street/strip Mustangs:

  • Less weight
  • Lower rate improves rear tire forward traction on cars with a solid rear axle. Less front roll stiffness results in less driveshaft torque jacking of the rear tires' loads. More equal side-to-side rear tire loads equals more forward grip from the tire pair.
  • Allows a front swaybar to ensure good street manners.

Light-weight tubular design. Powdercoated black. Mounts in the same manner as a stock swaybar. Requires 1.125" (1-1/8") swaybar pivot bushings. High-performance endlinks are recommended.


  • Pivot bushings
  • Endlinks

Click on the option buttons above to purchase:

  • Urethane pivot bushings to fit stock Fox mounting brackets.
  • Stock-length endlinks to fit Mustangs with K-members having stock geometry that are also at stock to moderately lowered ride height.
  • Short endlinks to fit Mustangs with the MM K-member and its altered geometry, or a Mustang with extreme lowering.
  • Universal front swaybar mounts to fit the MM Front Swaybar Relocation kit.

The MMFSB-2 swaybar is not the same as our discontinued MMFSB-1 (1.125" diameter by .188" wall). It's approximately 11% stiffer than the MMFSB-1 and 37% softer than a stock 1.30" swaybar.


  • 1.125" (1-1/8") diameter tube with .250" (1/4") wall thickness
  • Durable black powdercoat finish