Maximum Motorsports IRS Delrin Upper Control Arm Bushings, 1999-2004 Cobra MMIRSB-2.1

Maximum Motorsports
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Delrin upper control arm bushings for 1999-2004 Mustang Cobra IRS reduce wheel hop and improve handling.

Replaces the stock rubber bushings with non-deflecting Delrin to eliminate one of the causes of wheel hop, while also improving handling by maintaining dynamic alignment settings.

Included are tools to make installation easy. You really don't want to try installing Delrin control arm bushings without the MM tools. The tools make installing Delrin much easier than installing urethane control arm bushings. These MM-designed tools are the ones that others copy.

New design makes installation easier.
Contrary to claims made by a competing company, we found that the root cause of excessive play in the upper control arm bushings was not caused by wear of the Delrin bushing, but by improper installation of the shims used to locate the upper arm fore and aft. While we like the precise adjustment provided by the shims, it seems that the care needed for proper installation eluded some people. Our new design has no shims, eliminating any possibility of excessive fore/aft play caused by improper installation of the shims.


  • Delrin bushing shoulders are chamfered for ease of installation, and to reduce sliding-friction contact area with the subframe tabs.
  • Upper control arms are served with less expensive single-sided bushings because the thrust loads into the upper arm bushings are much lower than the loads the lower control arm bushings must endure.
  • Zinc-plated steel crush sleeves
  • Tools to straighten the subframe control arm mounting tabs, designed by MM, are included to assist in flattening the tabs before reinstalling the control arms with the new Delrin bushings. The mounting tabs are always distorted during the original installation of the control arms on the assembly line. Tab straightening is a critical step that ensures that the control arms pivot freely, without binding.
  • Tools are included to easily remove the original bushings. Designed by MM, these tools make bushing removal an easy job taking only a few minutes, instead of a lengthy nightmare.
  • Teflon-based lubricating grease is included. This is one of the best greases in the world, and is successfully used in applications a thousand times harsher than Mustang control arm bushings.
  • Gloves are included to keep the super-sticky grease off your hands