Maximum Motorsports IRS Differential Oil Temperature Sensor Kit for OC-10 OC-11

Maximum Motorsports
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Keep tabs on the temperature of your Mustang Cobra IRS differential fluid with this Maximum Motorsports kit. This MM kit is designed to allow installation of a temperature sensor with the MM IRS Differential Oil Cooler Kit (OC-10).

This MM In-Line Differential Oil Temperature Sensor Kit allows you to choose where you want to locate a temperature sensor, giving you the freedom of measuring temperature values that are important to you; you can check on the temperature of the fluid either entering or exiting the cooler. When properly installed, the high quality AN fittings provide leak-free performance. The MM In-Line Temperature Sensor Kit will only work with an Autometer 1/8" temperature sensor: Autometer part number 2252. 

This kit does NOT include a temperature sensor. Purchase the sensor from your Autometer gauge supplier.