Maximum Motorsports IRS Rear Grip Package - Race, 1999-04 Cobra MMRG-22

Maximum Motorsports
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This Grip Box takes the Super Street/Competition IRS Grip Box a step further, providing pinion angle adjustability and a solid differential mount. Improves handling and reduces wheel hop. 


  • Eliminates deflection allowed by stock rubber bushings.
  • Greatly reduces wheel hop because there is no bushing deflection.
  • Precisely locates the control arms for improved dynamic alignment.
  • Handling is greatly improved because there are no unpredictable camber changes caused by bushing deflection.
  • Installation tools included, the key to a hassle-free installation.

This Grip Box includes:

What's different from the MMRG-21.5 Super Street/Competition Grip Box?

  • The urethane differential mounting bushings are swapped for aluminum, which also provides adjustment for pinion angle.

IRS Tech
MM delivers on the unfulfilled promises of the stock IRS. Enjoy the track performance and reliability of an MM-equipped Mustang IRS. This rear Grip Box will transform your Cobra into a true high performance automobile, with world-class handling and traction. 

Handling is improved and wheel hop reduced by eliminating deflection allowed by the stock rubber control arm bushings. Delrin bushings precisely locate the rear control arms, and maintain rear wheel alignment in a manner that is impossible with the compliant stock rubber bushings. Rubber bushings provide barely adequate suspension control. They cannot accurately position the control arms well enough to achieve maximum performance from the suspension. 

Wheel hop is a major complaint about IRS-equipped Mustangs. The un-damped compression of the rubber bushings in the rear suspension is the primary cause of wheel hop. That un-damped movement is amplified by repeated loss of traction. Wheel hop occurs because the rear tires continually oscillate between losing and then regaining traction. The extremely soft stock rubber bushings are the biggest contributor to this oscillation. The rubber compresses easily and then springs back, over and over again. To reduce wheel hop the stock rubber bushings must be eliminated.