Maximum Motorsports IRS urethane swaybar bushings, 1999-04 Cobra 6-1157-BL

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Replacing the stock rubber swaybar bushings with firmer urethane will improve your IRS-equipped car's handling by precisely locating the rear swaybar. 


  • All stock Mustang Cobra IRS swaybars, 1999-2004


  • Rubber bushings may allow the swaybar to move up and down relative to the chassis because, rather than just allowing the swaybar to pivot, the rubber can also compress.
  • When the swaybar compresses the pivot bushings instead of purely rotating, the swaybar does not provide the same roll resistance at all times, and the car's handling will not be consistent or predictable.
  • Rubber bushings can suffer significant deterioration after only a few short years.
  • Urethane bushings will restore an older car's handling to better than new.
  • These 26mm bushings fit the stock Ford IRS rear swaybar and its mounting brackets on the 1999-04 Cobra models.

Note: These bushings were recently revised. They now properly fit all 1999-04 Cobra models.