Maximum Motorsports K-member, Mustang, 2005-2014 Mm5KM-7

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MM K-member for 2005-2014 Mustangs. This new MM design achieved not only our primary design goal of improved handling performance for a lowered Mustang, but it also met all of our secondary goals.

Design Goals Achieved

  • Optimized roll center height for a Mustang lowered to the limit of the American Iron rules.
  • Stronger and stiffer than stock k-member, to allow less deflection under cornering and braking loads.
  • Fits stock motor mounts, for least change in NVH
  • Fits stock front control arms, with stock or aftermarket bushings
  • Fits both electric and hydraulic steering racks
  • Allows easy oil pan removal without requiring additional engine support
  • Upgradable to SLA suspension


  • Bumpsteer kit. If you do not already have a suitable bumpsteer kit, the Mm5TR-2 is discounted to only $120 when purchased at the same time as this MM k-member.
  • Some means to support the engine during installation. MM's engine support MMT-11 is discounted to only $39.97 when purchased at the same time as this MM k-member.

Not compatible with extended-length ball joints.


  • Control arm pivot standard location is 5/8" higher than stock, with second set of holes 1-3/8" higher than stock.
  • DOM steel tube construction
  • Includes 2-point brace to stabilize rearward control arm mounts
  • Weight: 42.5 lbs.
  • Compatible with aftermarket front control arm bushings
  • Works with both S197 steering rack types, hydraulic and electric
  • Has mounting brackets for MM radiator core support brace that also serves as an adjustable mount for the front swaybar.
  • Compatible with stock 2011-2014 radiator core support brace (minor modification to the OEM brace required).
  • Durable black powdercoat finish
  • Mounting points for future addition of an SLA upper control arm