Maximum Motorsports K-Member Spacer Kit, 1/4" thick MMKM-20

Maximum Motorsports
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Installing spacers between the k-member and the chassis creates more clearance between the top of the engine and the underside of the hood. The increased clearance to the hood aids with some engine swaps.
  • When installed on a Mustang that also has a front coil-over kit these spacers have no effect on ride height. The spacers move the k-member downwards from the chassis, towards the ground.
  • When installed with a stock k-member, and with the springs still in the stock location, the ride height will change. The chassis will move upwards by the thickness of the spacers, and the k-member will remain the same distance from the ground.
5.0 Mustang and Super Fords magazine used MM k-member spacers on their Fox 500 project car. With the MM spacers, the Shelby GT 500 supercharged 5.4L engine was lowered enough in their Fox Mustang that the hood modifications needed to clear the intake were much less radical than would otherwise have been required. 

This 1/4" spacer kit includes four aluminum spacer plates to fit between the k-member and the chassis. Longer bolts are included as appropriate. Reuses OEM nuts and nut-plates, and some of the OEM attachment bolts. Spacers are also available in 1/2" thickness

Fits 1979-2004 Mustangs with any k-member, stock or aftermarket. 

Some considerations when installing spacers between the k-member and the chassis:
  • Ground clearance may be reduced.
  • The position of caster/camber plate strut shaft spacers may need changing to maintain the strut's proper compression travel and droop travel.
  • Transmission mount may need modification to maintain proper driveline angles.
  • Pinion angle may need to be adjusted to maintain proper driveline angles.
  • Steering shaft will need to be extended slightly (easily accommodated by an MM telescoping steering shaft).
  • Front suspension geometry may be altered, with possible consequences to the car's handling.
  • A front-end alignment will be necessary.