Maximum Motorsports Launch Box, 1987-89 Mustang Convertible, Chrome, 150 lb/in UHT (barrel-shaped) spring, Unfinished aluminum LB-2-CHR-150

Maximum Motorsports
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The Maximum Motorsports Launch Box for 1987-1989 Convertible Mustangs greatly improves rear tire traction, providing quicker 60-foot times and lower ETs.

This package is for the Mustang enthusiast who demands:

  • Superior launching ability for their street/strip Mustang.
  • Ride comfort suitable for daily commuting and road trips.
  • The ability to enjoy a weekend at the drag strip with only a minor compromise in performance compared to a Mustang purpose-built for strip use.

The Launch Box extends the capabilities of the MM Street & Strip Box to the next level by adding:

  • Front Coil-over Conversion Kit for ride height adjustability and weight reduction.
  • A torque-arm whose long lever arm really improves rear tire bite while eliminating the upper control arms and the need for torque box or upper control arm mount reinforcement.
  • Adjustable Rear Swaybars of several different stiffnesses are available. Rates range from soft, providing a moderate reduction of body roll during launch while also maintaining acceptable street driving manners, to stiff, providing a significant reduction of body roll during launch with compromised cornering ability.
  • 6-point roll bar with swing-out door bars (meets NHRA and NMRA rules when installed according to the instructions) provides safety and chassis stiffness.

The Launch Box includes these items:
Items different from the MM Street & Strip Box are italicized.

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