Maximum Motorsports Manual Brake Conversion Kit, 1979-93 MMBAK-10

Maximum Motorsports
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Parts used when converting a Mustang from power brakes to manual brakes. Includes new pedal arm, firewall adapter block, pushrod, and hardware. Does not include master cylinder or brake lines.

This kit fits

  • 1979-93 Mustang
  • Direct replacement master cylinders for 1979-95 Mustangs
  • Aftermarket master cylinders (such as Wilwood) that fit 3.20" to 3.22" mounting stud spacing, and have a shoulder less than 1.6" in diameter
  • Manual transmission pedal box
  • Automatic transmission pedal box


  • Alternative to vacuum-assisted brakes that no longer function properly because of low engine vacuum.
  • Consistent pedal feel because the pedal effort no longer varies from fluctuating vacuum level.
  • Reduces weight.
  • Pedal effort is reduced, compared to reusing a power brake pedal with a manual conversion, because the MM pedal arm has the proper leverage ratio for manual brakes.
  • The pedal feels firmer because the MM pedal arm is much stiffer than the stock pedal. This quickens brake response and improves modulation.
  • Firewall adapter block mounts the master cylinder at the proper angle for correct pushrod alignment. A misaligned pushrod will damage the master cylinder piston seals.
  • Pedal pad height (the pad distance from the firewall) may be changed for easier heel and toeing.
  • Quickens brake response because it eliminates the motion lost by the stock brake light switch attachment design.

For frequently asked questions and tech info about manual brakes, please click the FAQ button below:

Tech Info

Product Features

  • MM-designed pedal arm is stiffer than OEM pedal
  • Adjustable-height pedal pad
  • Aluminum CNC-machined firewall mounting block
  • Heavy-duty adjustable-length pushrod
  • Pushrod attaches to pedal arm with a spherical rod-end
  • Adjustable upper pedal stop
  • New brake light activation switch
  • Mounting hardware


  • Manual Brake Installation Kit or adapter fittings. The MM Manual Brake Conversion Kit moves the master cylinder 6.5" closer to the firewall. This requires the brake hard lines connected to the master cylinder be rerouted and lengthened. MM offers a variety of installation kits and adapter fittings that allow easy installation without any cutting or flaring of brake lines.

Important Notes
To maintain safe stoppingdistances, we strongly recommend that your Mustang have:

Aftermarket Master Cylinders
While aftermarket master cylinders as described above will fit this conversion kit, we recommend using one of the several Mustang master cylinders.

  • Direct replacement Mustang master cylinders are readily available at most auto parts stores. In the event of a failure, a replacement master cylinder can be located without much difficulty.
  • Aftermarket master cylinders all have the outlet ports on the opposite side as the stock master cylinder. That makes bending the brake lines to fit to the ports much more difficult, as there is very little room between the master cylinder and the chassis.
  • MM makes installation kits that greatly simplify installing a stock Mustang master cylinder. We do not make such kits for aftermarket master cylinders; you will be on your own to create lines with the proper tube nuts.