Maximum Motorsports Manual Brake Pedal Kit, 1979-93 MMBAK-11

Maximum Motorsports
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Manual brake pedal kit with correct mechanical pedal ratio for manual brakes. Includes parts used when converting a Mustang from power brakes to manual brakes except the firewall adapter block. Includes new pedal arm, pushrod, brake light switch, and hardware. Does not include master cylinder, brake lines, or the firewall block to mount the master cylinder.

This kit fits
1979-93 Mustang with a firewall adapter block already installed, but lacks a pedal with the correct ratio. This kit includes all parts in the MMBAK-10 kit except the aluminum firewall adapter block.

  • Pedal effort is reduced, compared to reusing a power brake pedal with a manual conversion, because the MM pedal arm has the proper leverage ratio for manual brakes.
  • The pedal feels firmer because the MM pedal arm is much stiffer than the stock pedal. This quickens brake response and improves modulation.
  • Pedal pad height (the pad distance from the firewall) may be changed for easier heel and toeing.
  • Quickens brake response because it eliminates the motion lost by the stock brake light switch attachment design.
Use only with a firewall adapter block that mounts the master cylinder at the proper height and angle for correct pushrod alignment. A misaligned pushrod will damage the master cylinder piston seals.

For frequently asked questions and tech info about manual brakes, please click the FAQ button below:
Tech Info
Product Features
  • MM-designed pedal arm is stiffer than OEM pedal.
  • Adjustable-height pedal pad
  • Heavy-duty adjustable-length pushrod
  • Pushrod attaches to pedal arm with a spherical rod-end.
  • Adjustable upper pedal stop
  • New brake light activation switch
Manual Brake Notes
To maintain safe stopping distances with manual brakes, we strongly recommend that your Mustang have: