Maximum Motorsports MM-JRi Shocks Suspension Kit, 2005-2014 Mustang, Street: Urethane lower mount JRiMM-1-Street

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Ultra high performance suspension kit for 2005-2014 Mustangs. Suitable for competitive road racing as well as driving on the street. MM teamed with the top-level designers at JRi Shocks to create this bolt-on package for the S197 Mustang.

  • JRi Shocks monotube strut and shock design has separate adjustments for compression and rebound valving.
  • Available with your choice of front and rear spring rates.
  • Wide range of damping adjustment allows choosing softer springs for street duty, or high-rate springs for road racing.
  • Threaded-body steel coil-over strut allows easy front ride height adjustment.
  • Aluminum strut-to-spindle mounts have incremental camber adjustment to extend the range of adjustability.
  • Rear ride height adjustment is performed with an adjustable lower spring perch on the rear axle housing.
  • Includes MM caster/camber plates unique to this package.
  • Billet aluminum shocks with choice of either spherical bearing lower mount for racing, or urethane bushing for street use.
  • Helper springs maintain spring tension at full suspension droop.

When ordering, select from the options above:

  • Rear shock mounting style: Spherical bearing for track use, or urethane for least NVH in street use
  • Front spring rate
  • Rear spring rate

Contact an MM Tech Associate for help choosing spring rates.

2014 - The brand new MM-JRi dampers were driven to 2 wins in NASA American Iron races at Virginia International Raceway, both wins by Beau Dunnivant in his S197 Mustang.

2015 - Beau Dunnivant scored 2 poles and 2 more wins running on MM-JRi dampers in American Iron.


  • Monotube damper design, front and rear
  • Both compression and rebound adjustments are located at the top of the damper, making it very easy to make adjustments.
  • Large diameter shafts give high bending stiffness and low dynamic friction.
  • Front ride height adjusted by lower perch on threaded-body coil-over strut.
  • Steel strut body
  • Billet aluminum mounting bracket with an ingenious clamp design connects the strut housing to the spindle, while also stiffening the spindle.
  • Strut mounting ears provide additional camber adjustment in finite increments.
  • Strut ears can be mounted to strut housing at different heights, allowing adjustment of bump/droop travel without making any internal changes to the strut.
  • Front spring couplers (between the helper spring and the standard spring) have a Teflon guide to prevent wear of the strut body threads.
  • New strut-to-spindle hardware (Ford lists this hardware as one-time use)
  • Bolt-on swaybar end-link mounting brackets securely clamp to the strut housing.
  • Lightweight aluminum shock body
  • Rear ride height can be changed by aluminum adjuster mechanism on top of the axle.
  • Lower rear shock mount available in choice of spherical bearing or high-grade urethane.
  • Your choice of spring rates
  • Top-quality 2.5" springs, front and rear
  • Low-rate helper springs ensure tension on the main springs at full droop, preventing the springs from coming off the spring perches.
  • Thrust bearings on front upper spring perch prevent any effect on steering effort.
  • MM Caster Camber Plates