Maximum Motorsports MM Racing Rear Upper Shock Mount for MMD-RCxxxx series MM shocks MMSM-12

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MM Racing Upper Shock Mount Kit


  • Fits MMCO-23 with Black MMD-RC1xxx Series MM shocks
  • Fits MMCO-21 with Yellow MMD-RC0xxx Series MM shocks

Securely mounts one MMD-RCxxxx series shock top to the chassis with a spherical bearing. Eliminating the vertical deflection allowed by standard rubber upper bushings increases the overall damping effectiveness.

The spherical bearing's freedom of movement eliminates side loading on the shock shaft caused by rubber bushings. That loading increases friction that reduces the effectiveness of the shock valving.

The spherical bearing also allows instantaneous damping from the shock when the suspension moves. With a compliant upper mount such as rubber, the mount deflects vertically before the shock moves, so no damping occurs over smaller bumps. Removing this rubber increases damping effectiveness over small road bumps, significantly reducing the chance of damaging wheel hop.

This MM mount performs the same as a spherical rod end, but does not reduce precious bump travel as happens when fitting a rod end under the shock tower. Can be used with or without a coil-over system. Because there is increased noise transmitted into the passenger compartment, and installation of the shock mount is not easily reversible, this product is recommended only for race cars. Not for use with IRS due to reduction in droop travel.

  • 1 kit fits 1 shock. 2 kits required per car.
  • Fits MMD-RCxxxx series MM shocks only. These shocks have a shaft with a 5/8" major diameter, and include 2nd-Gen yellow MM shocks and 3rd-Gen black MM shocks.
  • Fits MMCO-21 Competition Coil-over kit.
  • Fits MMCO-23 Competition Coil-over kit.
  • Not for IRS


  • Aluminum block securely mounts to chassis.
  • PTFE-lined spherical bearing
  • Mounting hardware includes spherical washer sets to accommodate the curvature of the Mustang's shock tower.