Maximum Motorsports Mustang Rear Ride Height Adjusters with helper springs, 2005-2014 Mm5RRHA-3

Maximum Motorsports
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Maximum Motorsports Rear Ride Height Adjusters for 2005-2014 Mustangs mount to the stock spring perches on the rear axle. The helper spring is placed on top of the adjuster. The included aluminum connector keeps the helper spring aligned with a standard 2.5" coil-over style spring.

  • Helper spring keeps the main spring under tension when the suspension is at full droop, ensuring it does not unseat from the upper spring perch.
  • For any particular spring, the minimum adjustment setting will raise the rear height by 1.85", compared to the same spring installed without this adjuster.
  • Threaded adjuster has 1.5" of adjustment, allowing your Mustang's rear ride height to be adjusted in infinitely small increments over this range.
  • Changing the rear ride height lets you change your Mustang's instant center location to tune the anti-squat percentage for optimum traction.