Maximum Motorsports Panhard Bar, 1999-2004 solid-axle equipped Mustang MMPB99A

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Also called "the part that Ford forgot" on 1979-2004 Mustangs, the Panhard Bar is a suspension link that provides lateral (sideways) location of the rear axle.

Installing an MM Panhard Bar is one of the most dramatic changes you can make to improve your Mustang's stability. In fact, while driving enthusiasts often express their appreciation for the improvement made by an MM Panhard Bar, you know it's good when a spouse notices the difference from the passenger seat, as several customers have reported.

Your Mustang's handling is so dramatically improved by adding a Panhard bar because it eliminates the unstable and unpredictable behavior caused by the Mustang's notorious stock rear-steer! Installing an MM Panhard Bar eliminates the axle movement that causes the rear of the car to steer itself. This easy-to-bolt-on part is mandatory for a Mustang to achieve truly great handling.

What is a Panhard Bar?

  • It is a suspension link that provides lateral (sideways) location of the chassis relative to the rear axle.
  • Don't bother looking for it under your Mustang; Ford left them off the 1979-2004 models. 2005-2014 Mustangs were factory equipped with a Panhard bar.


  • When installed with the OEM 4-link rear suspension design, we strongly recommend using stock upper control arms with rubber bushings.
  • Upper control arms with bushings other than rubber will increase suspension bind, which leads to snap oversteer when cornering.


  • Bolt-in installation, no welding required.
  • Durable black powdercoat finish.
  • Clears stock tailpipes. Aftermarket 2.5" tailpipes that follow the factory routing will usually clear the MM Panhard Bar without modifications to the tailpipes. These brands usually fit well: Dynomax, Flowmaster made after 2000, Late Model Restoration.
  • Vertical adjustment of the rod's mounting accommodates different ride heights.
  • Very long rod minimizes sideways movement caused by the arc of the rod's motion.
  • PTFE-lined spherical rod ends precisely control movement with virtually no noise transmission.
  • Stout 6061-T6 aluminum rod is made from a custom extrusion, designed with a very thick wall by MM for this application.
  • Rod ends are mounted in double shear for greatest strength and safety.
  • Special inserts allow proper tightening of mounting bolts for the chassis mounting bracket without distorting the frame rail.
  • Low mounting height of the rod significantly lowers the rear roll center, reducing the tendency of the inside rear tire to lift and unload during cornering.
  • Roll center is lower than what can be achieved with a Watts link.
  • While compatible with the standard T/A differential cover when properly installed, we recommend the new low-profile cover (listed for the S197 application) to ensure no interference.
  • Required before installation of the MM Torque-arm.