Maximum Motorsports Rear Bumpstop, 2005-14 Mustang, pair Mm5BSR-2

Maximum Motorsports
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Cellular foam high performance short bumpstop for 2005-14 Mustang rear axle. Increases bump travel for lowered S197 Mustangs.

MM's cellular foam bumpstops feature a rapid increase in rate as the suspension bottoms out, cushioning the impact at the end of bump travel before damaging metal-on-metal contact can happen. The short height increases suspension travel, which is very beneficial on lowered Mustangs.

Shorter than stock
This MM bumpstop is 3/4" shorter than the stock bumpstop.

  • Mm5BSR-2 rear bumpstop: 1.5"
  • Stock rear bumpstop: 2.25"

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