Maximum Motorsports Sport 4-point Mustang Roll Bar, no door bars, removable harness mount, 2005-2014 hardtop Mm5RB-20.3

Maximum Motorsports
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Sport 4-point Mustang roll bar, with removable harness mount tube, for 2005-2014 Mustang coupes. 

This Mustang Roll Bar:

  • 4-point
  • NO door bars
  • Removable harness mount tube bolts in place
  • Does not fit Mustangs with the Glass Roof option because the headliner in those Mustangs is considerably lower and interferes with the main hoop.

2013 Note: Ford changed the interior plastic of the 2013 model year hardtop Mustangs. While all of the MM roll bars fit the 2013 models, we have not yet updated the installation instructions to show the new procedure required to trim the interior plastic around the rear braces. 

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