Maximum Motorsports Stainless Hard Line & 3-hose kit, 1986-93, SN95 calipers, rear MMBK7P

Maximum Motorsports
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Complete plumbing kit for 1986-93 Mustang 5.0L with rear disc conversion to 1994-04 OEM SN95 calipers and rotors. Kit includes all 3 rear soft hoses and stainless steel hard lines.
Made up of the MMBK13R and MMBK1R kits in a discounted package. 


  • 1986-93 5.0L chassis
  • 1986-98 8.8" axle housing
  • Ford OEM SN95 rear calipers and rotors, Cobra and GT

To install on 1979-85 chassis and 1986-93 non-V8 chassis, modifications to the chassis brake hard line are required to allow fitting a 1986-95 5.0L center brake hose. Those Mustangs originally fitted with a 7.5" axle had the axle to chassis brake hose on the passenger side rather than the left-of-center location of the 8.8" equipped Mustangs. 

This brake line kit will make your life much easier when swapping 1994-04 Mustang rear brakes onto a Fox Mustang rear axle. The unique stainless steel hard lines in this kit were designed by Maximum Motorsports to fit the 1979-93 Mustang chassis. The lines and hoses clear the stock Fox chassis bumpstops, the quad-shock brackets on the 8.8" axle housing, and a rear coil-over conversion. This kit eliminates the problems caused when trying to reuse drum brake hard lines with a disc conversion, and avoids the interference encountered when using the 1994-95 Mustang axle hard lines on a Fox chassis.

Kit includes

  • Center brake hose that connects the chassis to the axle, made of PTFE-lined braided stainless steel
  • Two braided stainless steel PTFE-lined brake hoses for caliper attachment
  • Two stainless steel hard lines, pre-bent for 8.8" axle
  • Two fluid bolts for OEM Ford SN95 calipers
  • Copper sealing washers
  • Brackets, clamps, and hardware required for installation
  • Complete installation instructions

Does not include:

  • Calipers, rotors, etc.
  • Brackets for mounting calipers to the axle housing

Makes your Fox Mustang rear disc brake conversion easy, clean looking, and safe.

PTFE-lined, braided stainless steel hoses improve performance over stock rubber hoses by providing:

  • A firmer brake pedal
  • Quicker braking response
  • Easier brake modulation

MM also carries high performance brake fluid.

Features of MM brake hoses

  • The hose end is designed to swivel at the chassis prior to tightening. This allows perfect alignment between the chassis hose-mounting tab and the caliper's banjo fitting.
  • A brake fluid-resistant clear urethane covering helps protect the stainless steel braid.
  • DOT approved

Braided stainless steel hoses are considered a safety requirement for any car that is raced. The high heat generated during track use has been shown to cause failure of conventional rubber hoses.

Maximum Motorsports was the first with direct replacement stainless steel braided brake hoses for Mustangs, offering them since 1993.