Maximum Motorsports Steering Shaft Assembly, Manual Steering Rack, 1994-2004 Mustang MMST-15.2

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  • MMST-15.2 supersedes MMST-15.1 and MMST-15.
  • The MMST-15.2 Steering Shaft fits the 2017-redesigned Flaming River manual steering racks for the SN95 Mustang chassis.
  • The MMST-15.2 also fits the previous 2 generations of Flaming River manual steering racks, as well as other aftermarket manual rack brands.
  • The first 2 generations of MM Steering shaft (MMST-15 and MMST-15.1) do NOT fit the 2017 Flaming River manual steering racks because Flaming River changed the retention feature on the input shaft of their manual steering racks, requiring the shaft allow clocking the steering wheel to center it.
  • The earlier Flaming River racks have a circular groove machined entirely around the input shaft. The newest Flaming River racks have a circular groove only on one side of the input shaft that intersects the shaft in a straight line. The groove is for the lower U-joint pinch-bolt. The new retention feature prevents use of the MMST-15 and MMST-15.1 Steering Shafts.

This MM solid Steering Shaft Assembly fits 1994-2004 Mustangs equipped with a Flaming River manual steering rack. This steering shaft is required when installing a manual rack because the steering shafts for power racks (stock or aftermarket) do not fit the input shaft of a manual rack.

The new MMST-15.2 allows clocking the steering wheel to properly match with the newest (2017) Flaming River rack design. Without the ability to clock the steering wheel, the steering wheel will not be centered.