Maximum Motorsports Tilton Hydraulic Release bearing, Tremec T56 T-60-6235

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Tilton hydraulic release bearing designed to fit Tremec T56 transmission.

  • Operates MM-Tilton 7.25" racing clutch
  • Self-adjusting: The bearing remains properly close to the clutch diaphragm fingers at all times, even as the fingers change position due to disc wear
  • Piston will stroke up to 0.700"
  • Piston area is 1.215 square inches
  • 44mm diameter radiused contact bearing
  • Piston retraction is done by a seal rather than a return spring. This design ensures the piston only retracts as far as necessary, and no further. This keeps the clutch pedal feeling consistent as the discs wear.
  • Mounts to the transmission input shaft bearing retainer
  • Includes AN-4 lines for supply and bleeder

Not included:

  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Enough AN-4 hose to connect to the master cylinder


  • Precise measurement of clearances during installation
  • Proper adjustment of a pedal stop, to prevent over-stroking the clutch assembly, which would cause severe damage
  • AN-4 hose and fitting to connect the clutch master cylinder


  • Threaded bearing mount sleeve is made of stainless steel
  • Sleeve provides nearly 1.25? of adjustability during installation
  • Stainless steel braided hoses for inlet and bleeding are long enough to reach outside the bellhousing, for easy connection to supply hose
  • Treated with a low-friction coating for long-wearing durability
  • Unique multi-edged quad-tension seal controls piston retraction, ensuring consistent pedal feel and reliability
  • Wiper seal prevents debris contamination into the bore