Maximum Motorsports Urethane IRS Subframe Bushing Kit, 1999-04 MMIRSU-1

Maximum Motorsports
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Reduce wheel hop and improve handling with Maximum Motorsports urethane Mustang Cobra IRS subframe bushings.

  • Greatly reduces the deflection allowed by stock rubber bushings.
  • Reduces wheel hop because deflection is greatly reduced.
  • Improves alignment stability because the reduced bushing deflection keeps the IRS subframe properly located to the chassis.
  • Handling is much more predictable because the IRS cradle no longer moves relative to the chassis.
  • NVH remains virtually stock, unlike bushings made of harder materials.
  • Exclusive to MM, this bushing fits all IRS subframes. Other companies do not know that Ford had two different designsof the IRS subframe mounting bushings, so their bushings fit only one design, at best.
  • Easier to install than bushings made of harder materials.
  • Unique MM tool makes installation much easier.
  • Use new 14mm mounting hardware.

Not all IRS subframe bushings are created equal! Other companies sell their own urethane or aluminum bushings. Unless they are reselling the MM-brand bushing, they are simply selling urethane originally designed for a different application as their IRS mounting bushings. Their urethane bushing sort-of-fits, and they consider that to be good enough. That was not good enough for us. We designed a urethane bushing specifically for this application. It fits both IRS subframe versions properly, and is easier to install than the "sort-of-fits" urethane offered by others. 

We do not offer aluminum bushings because:

  • They are extremely difficult to install. The receiving tubes on the subframe are not round; they are always distortedfrom the welding done during manufacturing of the subframe. Aluminum bushings require custom fitting all four bushings to each subframe tube.
  • The multiple mounting points on the two welded structures (chassis and IRS subframe) never align perfectly. Trying to slip the four mounting bolts into position becomes a nightmare when solid bushings are used.
  • The very small amount of deflection allowed by urethane accommodates the oval-shaped bushing shells, as well as the typical misalignment of the subframe to the chassis.
  • Urethane bushings remove 80% of the deflection allowed by rubber bushings, without the headaches caused by aluminum bushings.