Metco Motorsports 4-piece Billet Idler Kit (2005-10 Mustang GT) MNI-MIP-2005

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Six-Rib Accessory Drive from Metco Motorsports

Metco is the leader in billet pulleys, from supercharger pulleys to idler pulleys. Metco makes the best quality and looking pulleys on the market.

The billet idler pulleys included in this kit can be installed as direct replacements for the original idler pulleys on the Ford 4.6L 3V engine. These pulleys are precision-machined from billet aluminum and are built to exactly match the dimensions of the OEM pulleys.

Like all Metco Motorsports pulleys, these heavy-duty pulleys are hard-coat anodized in black on the back side and belt surface to resist wear from the belt and surface corrosion. The front of the each pulley is machined to match the popular design of the pulleys we manufacture for the Cobra, Lightning, and GT500 applications. Like our other pulleys, each pulley in this kit includes a billet bearing cover and a stainless steel retaining bolt.

The kit includes (2) 90mm idlers, (1) 87mm grooved idler pulley, and (1) 76mm smooth idler pulley. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary and no special tools are required for installation. The original serpentine belt can be re-used.

Note: Each of the pulleys in this kit are available separately and are listed elsewhere on our site.

Installation Notes: One of the included 90mm smooth idler pulleys installs in place of the original pulley on the driver's side of the engine, and the grooved idler pulley replaces the original idler directly beneath it. The second 90mm idler pulley replaces the original on the passenger side of the engine above the tensioner, and the included 76mm pulley replaces the pulley on the tensioner arm. On the tensioner arm, the pulley faces the engine, and in some cases the bearing cover will not fit and the original pulley bolt should be re-used.