Stainless Works Ford Small Block Turbo Header Kit: Down and Forward SBFDFTKIT

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Small Block Ford Down and Forward Turbo Header kit. This kit is designed to fit the 79-93 Fox Body Mustang. Header flanges are made with 3/8" thick 304 SS and tubing is .065 wall 304 SS with 1-7/8" Primaries and 3" Slip Fit Collectors. 3" V-band Flanges and clamps are provided and welded on for both Headers to Crossover connections. Complete system is tig welded and back purged for maximum performance. kit includes headers, 3" x .065 wall 304 SS crossover tube with 3/8" SS turbo flange welded on to outlet. 7 gage 304 SS Turbo mounting bracket, 1/4" thick Aluminum motor plate, and 304 SS downpipe which is coned from 5" dia. to 4" dia. with a 90 degree bend and 12" min length leg on the outlet side. (Customer is required to provide 5" V-band Flange for welding to inlet of downpipe.) For 9.5 deck height, if running 8.2 deck height slight modifications to crossover will be necessary.