Steeda Billet Mustang Caster Camber Plates (90-93) 555 8090 AL

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Steeda aluminum caster camber plates dramatically improve your Mustangs handling, with less weight & more strength than steel!

Steeda's caster camber plates have always given you great adjustment range. Now we've added great style too, with a new machined billet aluminum top plate that looks as good as it performs. But good looks aren't the only thing these plates have going for them. The beefy 1/2 inch thick aluminum plates are and an incredible 3 times more resistant to bending than our standard steel plates, making them the perfect choice for coil-over equipped race cars that carry the entire front weight of the car through the caster camber plates.

Caster camber plates are essential for getting the most cornering performance out of your Mustang. The factory plates just don't have enough adjustment to give you a good performance alignment. Making matters worse, the factory upper strut mount bushing is soft and flexible. During hard corners the strut literally pushes the bushing out of shape, changing the alignment mid-corner. This reduces cornering grip and increases tire wear.

Steeda's Caster camber plates replace the flexible upper strut mount with a premium race quality stainless steel spherical bearing. The spherical bearing allows the strut to pivot and turn freely without the slightest bit of play or deflection. No matter how hard you corner, the caster camber plate doesn't flex and your alignment stays where you set it.

Steeda plates give you slots to adjust Caster and Camber. Factory plates only let you adjust camber, and even that has a very limited range. Steeda plates more-than-double the factory camber range, allowing a perfect alignment for everything from drag cars to road racers to "slammed" boulevard cruisers. Caster adjustment slots let you increase caster, extra caster makes the car track straighter and provides better on-center steering feel. Increased caster allows you to run slightly more negative camber than factory spec on the street without increasing tire wear, preserving tire life and improving handling. It also increases negative camber gain when the wheels are turned. In effect, your tires lean into the corner as you turn the wheel improving the contact patch for better cornering grip. Increased caster will also improve your tire contact patch during braking for better stopping performance. Steeda Caster Camber Plates include recommended alignment settings for a variety of suspension setups and driving styles.

Strength & Durability

  • Increase caster for better high-speed stability and better steering response
  • Correct camber for reduced tire wear and better cornering
  • Adjustable strut mount height for more suspension travel on lowered cars
  • Adjustable strut mount can be set to stock height, which works better for drag racing than other plates which are too high and limit suspension extension at launch
  • Specific plates for 79-89 and 90-93 Mustangs fit better than generic "one size fits all" offered by other aluminum plates
  • Spherical bearing for better alignment and durability
  • Teflon lined bearing never needs lubrication
  • Lighter than competing steel plates
  • Compatible with stock hoods and Steeda strut tower braces; not too tall like some plates
  • Direct bolt-on. No drilling required.